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Publishers top concerns with adoption of programmatic OTT

Publishers top concerns with adoption of programmatic OTT

According to a recent report by Pubmatic, publishers are concerned about how implementing a programmatic OTT strategy affects their ability to control their inventory β€” control over how and to whom it is sold, control over the advertiser and audience experience, and control over sufficient security and compliance safeguards.

For example, 75% of respondents are concerned that lower-quality advertisers may take up and depress valuable inventory. Nearly 75% are also concerned about a lack of standardized measurement and audience control.

Security concerns are not far behind: 70% of respondents or more are concerned about data leakage, poor security and privacy, and malware. It’s incumbent on each part of the media-buying ecosystem to cooperate in developing standards that level the playing field and establish safeguards for publishers as they pursue these strategies.