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Publishers using programmatic largely report increased ad revenue

Publishers using programmatic largely report increased ad revenue

A report, summarizing research conducted by Forrester Consulting for ad-tech firm PubMatic, confirms that publishers are increasingly embracing programmatic — and header bidding, in particular. This report offers Insights into how publishers are planning to optimize their inventories and maximize their yields from the video advertising boom;

Programmatic’s role in optimizing inventories will continue to grow, with publishers citing programmatic’s top benefits as increased ad revenue (63.3%). Publishers expect to drive video advertising growth across platforms. Both now and looking 12 months out, publishers rank the top channels for video ad placements as, in order: mobile app, mobile web, desktop, over-the-top, and connected TV. Over the next year, publishers plan to increase their video ad placements on mobile apps (12.1%), mobile web (18.8%), and desktop (18.2%). OTT and CTV currently have the smallest shares, but are expected to show the fastest growth rates over the next 12 months (21% and 25.7%, respectively) as more households become connected. And Header bidding is the top integration strategy.

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