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The CTV landscape in Europe

The CTV landscape in Europe

The UK is Europe’s most advanced CTV advertising market. There are a few reasons for this. London continues to be a key hub for advertising and ad technology in Europe, and the cultural and linguistic ties with the United States has meant that both ad tech and consumer-facing devices are often introduced earlier in the UK than elsewhere.

But credit should also go to homegrown pioneers, most notably Sky, who were the forerunners in pushing the addressable TV advertising market via their AdSmart product. Some of the leading sales houses - most notably Sky, Channel 4 and ITV -have started to develop their first-partydata strategies and are facilitating data matching, enabling advertisers to bring their own data to the table.

The vast majority of CTV advertising in the UK is bought mainly by media agencies and a relatively small amount is currently traded on the open marketplace. However, the UK market leaders have made serious moves towards integrating data into their offerings,using not only their own first party data, butalso by enabling advertisers to bring their own data to the table via privacy-compliant data matching. Channel 4 announced data matching in 2020 and ITV’s new Planet V platform provides advertisers with access to a self-service platform from which they can discover the inventory available, plan, purchase and report on performance. ITV’s VOD service, the ITV Hub allows buyers to layer on different targeting options from within the platform and see the price change in real-time as they alter their parameters.

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