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The Future of Yahoo AdTech Sales

The Future of Yahoo AdTech Sales

Yahoo has elevated Paul Sigaloff to vice president, head of APAC.

Sigaloff was previously managing director and vice president for Australia, India, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.  With his new mandate, he will lead sales for the ad technology business across the APAC region and his expanded remit includes Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.  Charting on a new course in a new role, he aims to work on Yahoo’s core business capabilities. These include mail, search, advertising technologies, Yahoo Creative Studios, and the Metaverse as the tech player aims for scalable solutions.

Sigaloff explains his role as APAC head to expand Yahoo's growth and advertising solutions as the company faces new challenges faced by the industry. He also shared the repercussions of shutting down Yahoo's news operations in some countries, and plans for the change of advertising dynamics and headwinds such as the elimination of third-party cookies, Metaverse, and changes in the digital marketing space for 2022.