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Top three reasons to adopt a multi-screen strategy now

Top three reasons to adopt a multi-screen strategy now

The popularity of multi-screen experience is poised to dramatically change content consumption habits, with big implications for agencies and their brands. As today’s consumers demand pervasive connectivity, it’s imperative for agencies to have a strong multi-screen strategy and understand how their brands can stay ahead by building multi-touch cross-media campaigns !

Did you know that multi-screen consumers are :

  • More likely to make a purchase after viewing an ad if it provides a unified experience ? For example, Reebok experienced a 131% lift in brand response conversions after extending its video creative across all digital screens - PCs, phones and tablets - to promote a product line !
  • More likely to have a positive perception of brands due to the ‘mere exposure effect’ ? A psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things they are familiar with !
  • More likely to remember the brand ? A study by NielsenMediaLabs proved that for groups that saw a specific ad across multiple screens - TV, PC, phone & tablet - brand recall jumped to 74%, versus 50% for TV only !