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The Rise Of First-Party Data In 2022

The Rise Of First-Party Data In 2022

The sudden prioritization of data privacy has shifted the consciousness of users with how their data footprint is being used by third-party data organizations.

People are more closely considering who they share their data with. If a company is using their data, they want to know how they got it and what they plan on using it for. Indeed, first-party data continues to take over the advertising landscape moving forward.

With this growing trend, it's important to act fast find ways to utilize your first-party data's potential and activate first-party cross-channel campaign management. First-party data you collected from your platform can analyze how consumers interacted with your campaign and messages, and provide a seamless user experience that will trigger engagements and drive revenues.

There are endless possibilities with first-party data in programmatic advertising.

It can be paired with connected TV so that the right people can be engaged with the right messages at the right place and at the right time. You can continue to drive results with more exposure focused on your target audience. Indeed, the very information you get from direct users and site visitors is essential and strategic in the growing data privacy trend in 2022.