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Tiktok To Start Sharing Ad Revenues to Publishers, Creators

Tiktok To Start Sharing Ad Revenues to Publishers, Creators

TikTok is finally making it easier for creators to make money. But not everyone is eligible to get paid.

The company announced that it will begin sharing a cut of revenue with top creators who have their videos run alongside certain ads. The program mirrors how YouTube pays out creators, and it could lead to more significant payouts from the platform, which has yet to offer a substantial way for creators to make money.

Tiktok Pulse: New Monetization Avenue for Creators & Publishers

The new program, called TikTok Pulse, allows ads to be specifically run alongside “the top 4% of all videos on TikTok,” the company wrote in a blog post. Creators and publishers with at least 100,000 followers are eligible to receive a cut of the revenue when their videos are included.

Right now, TikTok’s main way of compensating creators has been through its “Creator Fund,” which pays out select users based on the popularity of their videos. But creators have said the payouts from this program can be small and inconsistent, which means it hasn’t offered creators a sustainable revenue stream the way that YouTube’s ad program has for some video makers.

With this new feature in mind, TikTok would compete more directly with other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, both of which already offer monetization options for users who want to get paid for posting content online. But while Instagram introduced ads within its stories feature back in 2017, TikTok has indicated that it won’t be following suit anytime soon.

Tiktok's "Clear Mode" Feature In Testing Phase

TikTok has announced a new feature that will change the way you watch videos on the app.

The new "Clear Mode" will remove usernames, captions, audio information, and buttons that can clutter the screen. The feature is currently being tested by TikTok users, but it won't be available for everyone just yet. It's unclear when exactly it will roll out to all users.

This isn't the first time TikTok has made changes to its interface—earlier this year, it introduced two separate feeds for users to browse through: one for songs and another for videos.