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TikTok's Sales To Oracle

TikTok's Sales To Oracle

The former Trump administration’s plan to force the sale of TikTok’s US operations to Oracle and Walmart has been put on ice – again. President Biden is reevaluating his predecessor’s efforts to address potential security risks from Chinese tech companies, The Wall Street Journal reports. Let’s face it, Biden’s crew has a few more immediate concerns at the moment. (See: the ongoing pandemic and an economic crisis.)

The TikTok deal had already begun to languish last fall in the midst of successful legal challenges by TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance. Discussions have continued between ByteDance reps and national security officials, mainly related to data security and preventing the information TikTok collects on American users from being accessed by the Chinese government. The Biden administration isn’t expected to make an imminent decision on how to resolve the TikTok situation. The bigger fish to fry  is determining its own response to the larger security risk of cross-border data sharing with Beijing. According to National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne, Biden’s government plan is to  review specific cases in the coming months after coming to a more comprehensive understanding of the broader risks