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Average Time-In-View worldwide is the highest for this environment

Average Time-In-View worldwide is the highest for this environment

Time-in-view reporting has been steadily rising. The metric took centre stage in H1 2020, as the global coronavirus pandemic drove consumer attention toward digital media. In April 2020, consumers polled worldwide said they increased their time spent with smartphones, laptops, and desktops as they observed lockdown orders.2

Average time-in-view was highest for mobile app display, rising 4.0 seconds year-on-year to reach 24.2 seconds worldwide in H1 2020. Australia (27.9s), Spain (27.4s) and the UK (24.5s) achieved the highest time-in-view averages for mobile app display, driven by strong performance of programmatic inventory.

Desktop display impressions averaged 23.1 seconds in-view worldwide. Time-in-view for this environment tended to be higher in Italy (30.3s), Spain (26.8s), and India (25.1s). Reductions in the UK, Australia, and the US exerted downward pressure, however, bringing the global desktop display average down 0.4s year-on-year to reach 23.1s in H1 2020.

Appearing for the first time in this report, Indonesia led mobile web display time-in-view at 25.2 seconds, followed by Australia (18.5s) and Japan (16.9s). All three markets were well ahead of the worldwide mobile web display average