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Tips & Tricks #2 - Choosing your floorprices (Video)

Tips & Tricks #2 - Choosing your floorprices (Video)

In order to sell your ad placements in the most efficient and advantageous way, you need to have a good floorprice strategy.

A floorprice is the minimum price that you set for an ad placement. It has to be in accordance with your website, placements, layout, and number of impressions. 

Knowing your different lines of revenue

– By format

– By types of channels (direct sales or programmatic)

– By sources of demand (SSPs and Google)

Finding the right floorprice

– Analysis time during the setup : let it run for 15 days

– What is taken by header bidding campaigns?

– What is taken by Google?- The important KPIs are the fill rate and the average CPM

A good balance between the two, we recommend to put for the header bidding part a floorprice at least equal to the website’s Google adsense’s average CPM before putting the header bidding, or Google’s average CPM when the header bidding is already integrated.

Don’t set a floorprice that is too high

The goal is to find a good balance between the price and the fill rate. It is useless to put a floorprice that is too high because the idea is to optimize the revenues that aren’t sold directly.

On the Adlive platform, you can set one floorprice by placement which allows you in one clic to configure a floor on each SSP without having to put it on every SSP’s admin console.