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Top 4 hot digital trends for 2021

Top 4 hot digital trends for 2021

2020 has been a year packed full of highs and lows – and the digital landscape is no less turbulent. The virtual experience has come into its own in the past 12 months, with lockdown powering up impromptu acts of solidarity and protest with a momentum all of their own.

Against this highly-charged backdrop, brands can no longer lurk generically on the sidelines of social debate. Instead, they need to find ways to be part of them, opening up digital experiences that are more personal and purpose-driven than ever before.

1. More of the human touch

Machine-based interfaces are set to become more natural and personal, as brands leverage data via as many different avenues as possible to get closer to their customers. User research, analytics, behavioural mapping and social listening can all be used in combination to get under the skin of target audiences. Who are they and what drives their decisions? What brands do they ally with and which do they avoid? What trends do they embrace and which issues rile them up?

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