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Top media industry priorities in 2021

Top media industry priorities in 2021

Industry priorities and challenges for the year ahead

The new decade brought new challenges— some anticipated, some completely unexpected. In 2020, consumers stayed home, the media navigated global crises, and the advertising industry adjusted to shifting budgets, behaviors, and preferences. As we look ahead, we explore how the digital landscape of this year will shape advertising priorities and innovation in the future

This year, consumer behavior, habits, and routines evolved in response to global crises. As the year comes to a close, the digital landscape is also shifting: digital video/OTT (57%), connected TV (54%) , and social media (47%) were named the top three priorities for 2021 across all respondents (Media Agency Publisher
Advertiser / Brand Creative Agency Demand Side Platform Supply Side Platform Ad Network / Exchange Trading Desk) in a recent report by Integral Ad Science.

Compared to last year, the list bumps mobile from its top spot—an indicator that consumers remain more stay-at-home than on-the-go.