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TV Will Fuel Ad Tech Deals In 2022; Publishers Cash In On The NFT Craze

TV Will Fuel Ad Tech Deals In 2022; Publishers Cash In On The NFT Craze

Criss-Cross Media Measurement

CTV ad dollars are expected to double by 2026, according to GroupM’s most recent industry forecast – which means ad tech firms with advanced measurement capabilities could be looking to make acquisitions this year, Business Insider reports.

Measurement companies have their eye on toppling a particular titan (you know who), and growing inorganically could be one way to do it.

Nielsen just announced the alpha product launch of its cross-platform metric, Nielsen ONE. But Nielsen remains on the defensive after losing its MRC accreditation and some broadcast measurement accounts. In November, it sued two TV panel companies for alleged patent infringement.

But the show must go on. Data and analytics providers are racing to meet the industry’s need for a cross-platform measurement standard – and simply quantifying viewers isn’t enough for advertisers anymore.

Some investors and analysts are betting on startups that know what viewers actually do when they see an ad. For example, the measurement startup EDO links ad exposure to online search activity by following user journeys through to conversions.

All in all, 2022 is shaping up to be a successful year for TV analytics firms with holistic, multifaceted and nimble measurement products.

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