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Twitter's next feature

Twitter's next feature

Twitter could soon let you restrict replies to those who follow you

Like so many other corners of the internet, social media has become a thriving hub for trolls and online harassers. Twitter couldn’t stay immune to such miscreants, leading it to introduce tools that could help reduce the needless clutter in tweet replies. Going forward with this approach, Twitter is now reportedly working on a way to allow replies only from your own followers.

This upcoming reply restriction is not to be confused with an existing option that permits replies only from those you follow. It’s also very close to the behavior we see from protected accounts. While protecting your account puts a blanket restriction on all your tweets, the new choice would help you set those reply limits just for individual tweets.

At this point, it isn’t clear when (or if) the feature will go live for everyone. All we can do is wait for Twitter to make an official announcement.