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Understanding The Privacy Sandbox In 12 Minutes

Understanding The Privacy Sandbox In 12 Minutes

In one year, programmatic advertising won’t be able to use third-party cookies.

But how will the new infrastructure even work?

To understand the Privacy Sandbox and its most fleshed-out proposal, TURTLEDOVE, CafeMedia Chief Strategy Officer Paul Bannister – who has spent hundreds of hours over the past year figuring out these proposals – has compiled a 12-minute visual overview of the plan to re-create audience targeting.

Paul delves into how the browser does much of the heavy lifting that third-party cookies do today, including storing consumer interests, requesting ads and choosing the ad delivered on the page.

So grab a cup of coffee, listen in and tell us what you think in the comments.

Was this format particularly helpful in your understanding of TURTLEDOVE? What other topics would you like to know about?

Watch here.