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2021 marketplace outlook

2021 marketplace outlook

Executive Summary by IAB

  • Buyers are generally optimistic about 2021 while showing some concern for the year ahead:o Preparing for a cookie-less future/loss of identifiers
    o The need for 1st party data
    o Cross-platform measurement solutions
  • Media budgets will be flexible in 2021; 39% of Buyers report their 2021 budget as ballparked
  • Buyers expect a 6% overall increase in their 2021 budget (vs. estimated actual spend in 2020)
  • 71% of total U.S. 2021 media budgets will be Digital media, with four areas dominating: 16% Social; 16% Paid Search (SEM); 14% Display; 13% Video

Buyers report that their Traditional media budget will drop by -5% vs 2020

➢  The leading area of Traditional investment remains Linear TV (Note: Traditional media is estimated at

29% of the total media budget for 2021, vs. Digital at 71%)

  • ➢  60% of Digital Buyers plan to shift Linear TV dollars to CTV in 2021;
    21% of their 2021 Linear TV budgets are expected to be reallocated to CTV