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Viewers don't care about 'platforms' when it comes to TV

Viewers don't care about 'platforms' when it comes to TV

The viewer does not care what platform they use to get content on the screen. It is not until we understand this reality that we start to realise the potential of addressable TV.

The TV landscape has been undergoing change for a number of years and the pandemic, coupled with the increased connectivity of the consumer household, has only sped up the process.

Connected TV (CTV) has now infiltrated the home; 80% of households in the UK, for example, now have a TV connected to the internet either via smart TV, set top box, games console or streaming device. This allows the consumer enormous choice in quality content on the TV screen, but not necessarily from our traditional broadcaster sources.

BARB results (as well as Ofcom) over the last few years have documented the decline in time spent with BARB-measured channels through the TV and rise in “unmatched” (that is, viewing of content outside of BARB registered channels).

Clearly things have changed and there are naturally complications associated with the adjustment of the status quo...

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