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Why Brands Need To Be Creative About Social Advertising

Why Brands Need To Be Creative About Social Advertising

The future of advertising is powered by technologies that unlock audience insights, engaging content and brands across mobile, social and digital video.

But the path to success depends on navigating an industry landscape where consumer behaviors are changing and marketers face an unprecedented level of fragmentation.

Brands are realizing that they need to focus on the individual needs of each customer in order to deliver more personal, relevant experiences across all touchpoints and channels. They've made significant investments in omni-channel marketing automation (OAM) and cloud-based technologies, which are helping them adopt best practices that can deliver meaningful experiences across all touchpoints and drive engagement.

As privacy becomes more prevalent, we've seen a push for advertisers to rethink their data strategies. This mindset shift has become the critical first step in continuing to deliver personalized experiences.

Observing consumer behavior is a key part of any brand’s marketing strategy, and it’s critical for marketers to understand that consumers are changing their media consumption habits. According to a recent consumer study by Prosper Insights & Analytics, 63% of consumers do not like when social media platforms take their data to allow for personalized advertisements.

With a feedback loop in place that connects all digital touchpoints with your brand and customer insights teams can personalize content, marketing messages, and offers to create a more meaningful conversation with customers.