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Why Cheap CPMs Aren’t Always The Best

Why Cheap CPMs Aren’t Always The Best

Marketing is important in giving voice to businesses - it has the power to make or break a business.

Simultaneously, marketers need to justify their marketing expenses down to the last cent. That's why it's tempting to low-ball marketing expenses just so that it does its job.

But your media investment should yield high ROIs.

It's bad news that cheap CPMs deliver low-quality ads in return, and often leads to a waste of money.  CPM (cost-per-mille) is the price you pay for every one thousand impressions on one web page. Marketers expect their ads to be delivered to humans and potential customers, not fraud and bots. In many instances, fraudulent activities are borne out of trafficking in low CPMs.

In programmatic advertising, real-time bidding happens in an auction environment. The higher your base CPM is, the greater chances that your ad gets to the top of the web page. Programmatic advertising is strategic, but marketers should be wary of choosing a transparent programmatic platform that gives them full access to their data and that enables them to manage their campaigns' successes.

Cheaper impressions aren't always a win.

Remember, in digital advertising - always choose quality over quantity. Be smart about your advertising investments and never settle for poor quality disguised as low-cost.