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YouTube CTV Ads Leaderboard Highlights Top Connected TV Ads of 2021

YouTube CTV Ads Leaderboard Highlights Top Connected TV Ads of 2021

Jude Children's Research Hospital finished atop the inaugural list

YouTube debuted its YouTube CTV Ads LeaderboardThursday.

The list showcases the top 10 ads from campaigns that ran on YouTube connected TV screens in 2021.

YouTube explained that organic views are not a part of the methodology for this list because CTV ads on its platform are a special ad format, and the majority of those ads are unlisted, so it teamed up with Ipsos on a creative rating survey in which users rated ads based on brand linkage (people knowing which brand the ad is for), emotions, likeability and memorability.

The Google-owned video site cited data from Nielsen, which found that YouTube reached more than 135 million people in the U.S. on connected TVs as of last December, and over 35% of YouTube CTV viewers 18 and older could not be reached by any other ad-supported streaming service as of last October.

Also, according to Nielsen, YouTube accounted for more than 50% of ad-supported streaming watch time on connected TVs in the U.S. among viewers 18 and older as of last October.

The initial YouTube CTV Ads Leaderboard is made up of:

  1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  2. HP
  3. Apple TV+
  4. Discovery+
  5. Netflix
  6. Domino’s
  7. Clif Bar
  8. Febreze
  9. Disney+
  10. Liberty Mutual